I know there are a lot of people out there that simply love to move. I can spend many posts talking about the incredible benefits of activity (I just might, but not right now). I believe that there is activity out there for everyone.

Growing up I played a lot of group sports and as time went on I moved into strength training which  certainly has a ton of benefits. Personally I get bored with a 4 or 5 day a week routine. Sooner or later I took up running and cross country and basically ran all the time. After two years I got bored of that. I tried mixing the two with running and strength training but that wore me out physically and lead me to be uninterested. With that being said, strength training and running are still really beneficial and I do love to do them, but I just need to do other things to keep me interested overall. This blog will essentially serve as ode to that and other's who feel similar, or anybody that finds value in activity. 

Mainly, I think that you must define some long-term ideas of what you want from your fitness or level of activity. That might narrow you into some path. Throughout the past couple of years I have found that I am inspired to run or strength train as a means to an end, not just doing it because I 'have' to. Do not get me wrong, I love doing different activities and for the most part I do not need to force myself to get involved unless something gets monotonous. So I have found a mix of backpacking, kayaking, jiu jitsu and occasional wall climbing to keep me occupied. The gym is an important place to prepare myself for those activities. Most of the things that I have taken an interest in really have similar common denominators: they are outdoors and require me to move in all planes as well as I can. These are things that I feel like I am naturally engaging in and really learning some skills. I will be using this blog as a medium to express and share those things.

Committing to the things that I enjoy doing, always keeps me coming back. I like to think about fitness and learning skills as a lifelong trip. What can I do now that is likely sustainable and will positively affect my health long-term? Find something reasonable that you can stick to. If the gym isn't cutting it, then try getting outside if you can!