The notion of yoga conjuring up images of suburbanites in yoga pants is inaccurate.
The idea that yoga is a women’s practice is also inaccurate.

Both of those assumptions are very Western…because in the East, which is where we adapted these practices from including the MEN who designed it…you could be rocking anything other than Lululemon and require nothing more than a body to practice and get something from it. This is the convenience of body weighted exercise…you don’t need a gym or studio technically. Hell, I’m going to go out on a limb here when I say, you don’t even need all your limbs to try, "the yogas", and by extension, don't need to be able to, "touch your toes". It’s nice to have all the bosu bells and pan flute whistles, but really all you need is you, yourself and to try.

“Yoga Is For EveryBODY”

Think of Yoga as a manipulation of the nervous system.  The goal is to create class designs using a range of functional fitness movement models, and research inspired meditation and yoga techniques in an effort to encourage movement, decrease stress responses, improve flexibility, strength and balance in a range of people with just as various body types and lifestyles. It isn’t, “woo-woo”. It’s science; a very accessible lifestyle science.

So whether you align more with chakras or the medical model of the endocrine system, there is a way to get everyBODY moving.

However, I found that the limiting factor in reaching every type of, "BODY", certain populations OR simply demographics of people who choose not to partake in social media was reduced to, well...the limitation of electronic outreach. You may have noticed this is also why I begrudgingly jumped on the Instagram bandwagon recently  (to reach more people), because the people who, "get it", don't need to hear it most. If the mission is to inspire & motivate, this can't be done in an echo chamber.

“Spread...like a a good disease. Be the positive infection you wish to spread in the world”.
— Angie

So why expand our outreach from Facebook to a website? In addition to connecting with more people, the countless personal interactions I have had the privilege of experiencing in such a short time are inspiring in and of themselves...I have had people laugh in my classes. I have had people cry...and perhaps a gamut of emotions in between. If not only to process my own personal account of these things, they can perhaps help someone else mentally arrive at where they need to be in the friendliest of nudges, so they can take baby steps towards their own means of "fulfillment". It has very little to do with doing, "the yoga". Get rid of that word from your repertoire of language if it puts a stigmatic taste in your mouth. It is but one medium of exploring what it means to give a crap about ourselves enough, to be motivated enough, and to find what it is in our finite lives that moves us, and to do it often.