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Northern Star: Beer and Yoga relaxes students

"Attendance to the class is $7 with an extra charge for alcoholic beverages. McNeela said the classes aren’t all about the drinks, and attendees can get tea for free during the class. She said the main focus of her Beer and Yoga event is to connect her students with their bodies in a relaxing and new way."

“Yoga is a low impact exercise that should be non-competitive,” McNeela said. “I started doing it for mental health and running reasons, so it’s not just about levitating and vibrating into other dimensions; it’s about self-care.” 

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Meow, there's an idea: Cat yoga

'Cats and downward dogs, living together. Mass hysteria.

“I’m really hoping to have some kittens there,” she said. “What’s more cute than kittens climbing on people while they’re doing yoga?”

Thank you to Matthew Apgar from the Daily Chronicle for the photos. Be sure to click here to see some photos and here for a video from the event! :) 



YogI BEars Kids Yoga

Could you and your little one use some ideas on managing emotions or just a new way to get moving? Check out this sweet class geared towards teaching kids and parents better body awareness through fun, creative poses and breathing techniques.