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Swole Soul Yoga

  • 265 West Peace Road Sycamore, IL, 60178 United States (map)

Our Health & Self Care should be a multi-dimensional approach! This no-experience-required non-denominational class is for men & women who: *** Already do yoga *** "Don't do yoga" *** Have been saying they, "Want to start stretching more" *** Those who want to increase flexibility, strength and stablity *** Those who, "Can't touch [their] toes" *** Are interested in prehabbing & rehabbing sore muscles *** Want to be more attentive to posture, and back pain *** Want to switch things up with a crosstraining / rest day *** Want to decrease cortisol (a stress hormone linked to stubborn weight and overall decreased quality of health). This class is for everyBODY. Think of yoga as a manipulation of the nervous system to get your body to do more of what you want it to...Because when we are mindful of both our physical and mental health...we find that we are better runners, lifters, athletes and overall... better people.

******First Class Free! Come try and find out why

******Only $12 drop-in includes: 1 Hour of Fusion Yoga. First half of class will get your daily requirement of heart rate above baseline, followed by a well deserved restorative relaxation, stretching, and if you opt for it...a mini neck massage in your Savassanah.

*******Or! monthly packages available soon (Get a head start on your new years resolutions or purchase as a gift) Studies have shown that structural changes in the brain tend to start occurring after the 4th-6th session.

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