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Unwind & Bind: Night Time Routine Restorative YOGA

Don't forget to wear your 'Jamas to unwind and bind! ๐Ÿ˜‹ Night time aromatherapy oils & pre-relaxation playlists on deck while you indulge in a night cap. Don't worry... If you drift off to never never land, we'll wake you up. ๐Ÿ˜ด 

How many people do you know if not yourself who might have had trouble with the Sandman?...From an inability to wind down and actually fall asleep to staying asleep, come unwind and bind with us in hopes of using self awareness as a means to assess what behavioral changes we are capable of changing before compounding an already complex problem with other not-so-quick-fixes. 

This class is open to everyone...even if you routinely sleep like a baby. *Cue happy baby pose*

Please BYOM (bring your own mat) if able.  
#Walmart, #Target, #TJ Max & #FiveBelow have VERY affordable ones

$7 drop-in 75 minutes yoga fusion modified to YOU
INCLUDES FREE TEA (decaf available!)
25% BEER if you opt. (Note: despite popular belief, alcohol..though it may "help" one fall asleep is not condusive to optimal REM sleep). Just things to consider, but this is your practice ;)

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Earlier Event: March 26
Restorative Yoga (Chair optional)
Later Event: March 28
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