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Balance in business: Yoga at work (Private Events)

Finding balance in business with yoga at work: Private Events you can offer your employees or group members whether they can touch their toes or not. They won't regret it.

Why implement the stress management tools into the workplace?

...Because the people who work for you and with you are your business. The happier and more balanced your team is psychologically and physically, the more productive the whole system is from top down and bottom, and on the clock. It's economical to invest in your people, and positively reinforcing to work ethic to provide stress management tools. Message me if you'd like to plan a mutually beneficial workFLOW workshop. 

Who is this for?
Any position that can be considered, "work". e.g: corporate, Non-for profit, small business, self employed, franchise, service industry, health industry, trade work, laborers, and institutions like schools. 

Health is for everyBODY. 

Want to learn more?

Keep up to date with #TheMovement on all classes from health related from back pain to migraines, depression and anxiety to fun and whimsical themes like classic rock, partner yoga and kittens at Find What Moves you

Earlier Event: March 28
Swole Soul Yoga