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Free Meditation in Motion Group: Run Jog Walk Stroll n' Roll

  • DeKalb Nature Trail (map)

Why Should you come?

Regardless of your fitness level, experience, shape, size or goal, there is one thing we all have in common...and that is the need to move. Runners, joggers, walkers, strollers and chairs welcome!

If you do nothing else for yourself, AT THE LEAST...walking can save your life by a mile. Lace up and come find out how. If you've been thinking about taking up jogging, here's your chance. If you're already a seasoned gazelle who has miles to log that day, come do them with us. I might be rolling through with my running stroller some days. ;) No one will look exactly the same nor be doing the same exact distance or speed AND THEY SHOULDN'T! 

Here's the point: Having encouraging people around...even if they are silently present is a powerful mental motivator to put your best foot forward.

We'll do a group dynamic warmup, lace up and all go our separate ways. The cool thing about this path is it's primarily a straightaway, so we'll see each other along the way. See how many high fives you can get :) I will be leading a yoga class at the Kishwaukee Family YMCA around the block for members and guests at 11:10 as well. Stretching, anyone? It'll help with recovery!

Keep up with those events by following or liking the Find What Moves youfacebook page for health related classes to fun like cats and yoga and music themes.

So regardless of how you do it, come surround yourself with positive people and whether you're the couch to 5k type, athlete elite, or mat to meditation in motion yogi....come flow with us. In positive psychology, flow is where you find your optimal sense of focus, energy and well-being. So come find yours.

Please message if you have any questions or concerns. 

Trail details:

Stay hydrated friends!

-Angie, "The Grounded Hippie"