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Valentine's Yin & Yang Partner Yoga: All Levels $24 per couple

  • Temple Yoga 205 North 2nd Street DeKalb, IL, 60115 United States (map)

Dinner dates are nice, but it's easy to be physically present but mentally distracted. Know this...You don't need to identify as a "yogi" to attend or get something from this class! Tantra is not just limited to sexuality FYI so fear not! It will be a comfortable, fun environment for all to relax with your partner & maybe dabble in some aroma-therapeutic massage. No experience or fitness level required. Think of this as a twist to the average date...ESPECIALLY if you're too busy to go on dates.

$24 per couple or $12 per person ~ Hour and a half Yoga fusion


PLEASE CLICK GOING ON THE EVENT PAGE. SPACE IS LIMITED. Any questions? Let me know! See you beautiful people there

- Angelina

Find What Moves you

What should you wear? Workout clothes or Something comfy.

Please bring mats if you have them. Extras limited. You can even scoop one up from $5-$30+ from stores like Five Below, TJ Max, Target, etc prices from lowest to highest in that order.


Do you like playing Simon Says? Great. You should come.

Do you like to laugh and smile? Great. See you there.

Can you be in the same place at the same time and enjoy each other's presence without distraction or obligation?

When was the last time you made eye contact for longer than a glance, free of self consciousness or tension?

Can you pay attention to not only your own body awareness but also your partners?...practicing and showing acceptance and appreciation for the role they play in your life? In your family's life?

Yeah, yeah, yeah all the Valentine's Day scrooges don't like to see it this way, but like any man-made holiday or mental/physical practice...think of it as a day to be hyper-aware of what we should be mindful of every day. At the least, you'll get to have a nice low impact workout for you and your partner which everyone deserves...all levels of experience or no experience are welcome! No need to feel intimidated. It's a really layed back, supportive and fun atmosphere in these classes. And we make them like that on purpose. You won't regret it.

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